Pichon for macOS

This is an article on how to use our desktop app Pichon on macOS. You might be a completely new user or an experienced one – it’s still a good idea to check this tutorial out, since Pichon has a lot to offer. If you’re in a rush, We also have a shorter article on the use of the app.


You can download and install Pichon for macOS from our website or App Store.

Once the app is installed, click the profile button and log in to your Icons8 account. It will sync your subscription properties and Collections with Pichon. You’ll see your Favorites and will be able to access all the paid features available under your subscription plan.

Check out the Preferences menu too – it allows you to switch between themes to make it easy on your eyes. Then set the start options and choose between simplified or non-simplified SVGs, if that’s needed:


Pichon has Categories, Styles, and Collections. Icons in Categories are sorted by theme and in Style by the style they’re drawn in. Collections tab has all your favorites and downloaded icons, plus you can create your own collections there too.

To find an icon, type in some definitive word into the search bar. You can choose specific styles or check out icons in all styles at once. To save an icon, just right-click on it. Right-clicking on the icon also allows you to find icons in the same style:


You can also add new collections, export and share them by right-clicking – press the ‘Create collection’ button or right-click a particular collection:

Other features

Adding assets to editors

To download an icon, sign in, choose its size and format in the tab on the right and either save it with a right-click or drag-drop it to wherever you want, for example, Lunacy:

Recoloring icons

Recoloring is done by clicking on the colour button at the right upper corner next to the icon style:


Pichon also has illustrations – you can access this library by switching between types of assets in this tab:


While searching for illustrations, you can sort them by categories and style:

Size and format

Click on an illustration to choose its size and format:


Photos from our library can be accessed by switching the asset type in this tab:


Photos can be sorted either by categories or by tags. You can also eliminate all photos with background from your search with the ‘No background’ toggle:


Click on a photo to choose its size:

My Images

You can start exploring My Images tab by uploading or drag and dropping images from your device:

After that, you can share the uploaded image, find similar images in Pichon’s photo gallery, remove the image’s background, upscale it and export the edited version – all from the tab on the right:

Each image is automatically tagged by our AI detectors, but you can also add your own tags.

You can organize images by adding them to different folders. Folders can be exported or shared with your Icons8 friends, same as Collections:


There are both free and paid assets in Pichon. Professional users prefer SVG format that provides unlimited scaling and editing. In order to download this format you need one of our subscription plans, you can check them out here.

You can also download and use icons, illustrations and photos without purchasing them if you add attribution. More info on how to do this in our Universal Multimedia License Agreement.

Don’t forget to add a link if you’re using our free icons.